[Bug or Feature] Temperature setting in Assistant v2 confusing

  • I create a Assistant with temperature 0.3
  • I create a new thread
  • I attach a message to that thread
  • I run the thread with initially created assistant
  • I retrieve the run details
    The temperature setting returned is 1.0

In python:

assistant = client.beta.assistants.create(...)
thread = client.beta.threads.create()
client.beta.threads.messages.create(thread_id=thread.id, role="user", content=message, attachments=attachments)
run = client.beta.threads.runs.create(thread_id=thread.id, assistant_id=assistant.id)

run_status = client.beta.threads.runs.retrieve(thread_id=thread.id, run_id=run.id)

You can set the temperature for each run separately as described in the API reference:

Maybe you are overwriting the default setting of the assistant when initiating the runs.

It’s like I have to set temperature for each run. Otherwise it defaults to 1.0
That’s insane, the default should be same as the assistant temperature.

OpenAI acknowledged that this is a bug from the API side. Read more [Bug Assistant] temperature setting not working · Issue #1362 · openai/openai-python · GitHub

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