Broke my Conversation and cant get the it to respond anymore

So the other night while the servers where bring wonky I was working on a long term chat conversation I have been having with the AI ( over 100k words between us…) and it stuttered on a answer and then after giving the ten alternates i asked it just shows its still trying to finish the prompt and wont finish. if you end the message and retry it errors out if you go two any point in the chat before and try to circumvent that whole area it wont and says Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong. Maybe try me again in a little bit. then if you try to regenerate the response it says Something went wrong, please try reloading the conversation. you reload and it reverts back to when it messed up.


There is an “undocumented” limit for the conversation, it may depend on various factors such as the number of messages, the size of each message, the number of requests, and the documented rate limits. Some say the conversation limit is 8 MB, but I could save my last closed (and broken) conversation in a +10 MB MHTML file.

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Me too. Maybe my conversation is too long. Its 140 tousand words long according to copy paste online word counter.

So annoying its so quick to reach this 1-3 day while talking to it using “Talk-to-ChatGPT 1.6” extension it was sooo usefull and fun while gaming or working in the foreground having it int he background automatically responding and receiving what you talk about into your headset… man.

Why cant it just forget some old stuff? Whats so hard about this. Its insanely easy to programm. And why cant i buy the super cheap tokens of open ai and add it to chat gpt to handle less demanding tasks i mean davinci tokens are not dumb as well. And the Ada and such tokens are like. 0.0000001 cent per 1k tokens thats super cheap.

Noone found a solution??? Its 2023 jesus christ, cant be the best chat gpt can do. How hard is it. Take my money please. :sob: