Breaking down large queries into smaller segments

Feature Enhancement Suggestion for ChatGPT Query Processing

I’d like to suggest an enhancement for ChatGPT that could make handling complex queries more efficient. The concept is to develop a mechanism for automatically breaking down large queries into smaller segments. This would allow for a more detailed analysis within the constraints of the system’s current capabilities. Additionally, it would involve a recursive approach to refine the responses based on initial feedback, compiling the data into a comprehensive answer. I believe this improvement could significantly boost the utility of ChatGPT, especially for users dealing with intricate or multi-part questions.

The suggested feature aims to optimize the current capabilities of ChatGPT, even in versions like 3.5 or 4, by breaking down complex queries into smaller parts. This approach would allow for deeper exploration of each aspect of a query, overcoming the limitations of server time and enhancing the overall response quality. Essentially, it’s about making the most of the existing system, pushing its boundaries to deliver more comprehensive answers, thus making it feel more advanced and responsive to user needs.

Also, once each stage of the query is finished processing, a push notification could be sent to the user identifying the success or limited success based on current data. Then a graphical representation, perhaps visual dashboard could be presented to the user to explore current findings. I suggest a CIA corkboard / vision board with some red string would be very cool. A puzzle begins to take shape and then if the user wants to reaccess and change the frame of the prompt or overall goal they can craft a new one at this time.