Bool as an type in function calling param

                "playorPause": {
                    "type": "bool",
                    "description": "weather to play or pause Ex: pause",

like this, I cant do bool, so is there any way todo so, if not it might be a good feature.


The descripton would be “play” = True,

For one of two choices of your own, you should use an enum string.

also “whether”


It support boolean type can be describe by below:

"is_private": {
    "type": "boolean",
    "description": (
        "It is True if there is a value to else False"

Within functions, the API still doesn’t support types that are made-up and not part of json. OP wanted to write bool instead of boolean.

With “tools”, however, OpenAI has done a little bit of work for you, changing an invalid “integer” type back into JSON’s allowed “number”.