Blog on GPT-3 and Commonsense Reasoning

Hi All!

"Commonsense Reasoning" is believed to be a key ingredient of (real) AI. It is also believed to be an element that today’s most advanced NLP models are lack of.

But what is commonsense ? And in which specific examples, that today’s most advanced NLP models, e.g. GPT-3, could not make a proper reasoning?

In this blog post, I survey various literatures from different fields to

  • intuitively define what is really commonsense.
  • summarize 8 basis reasoning dimensions that is essential in commonsense reasoning

Also, we are going to have fun seeing “GPT-3 commonsense” when reading short stories with various genres, from everyday-life, comedy, biography, historical fiction, mystery through sci-fi.

Read the blog: GPT3 and Commonsense Reasoning - Toward AGI

Finally, thanks OpenAI for the permission and credits to access GPT-3 !!