Blockchain would probably be a good way to store episodic memories for AGI

With data you can erase, modify, or insert anything. In my experiments with AGI this makes trust very difficult. You can switch off the AGI, scramble all it’s memories, and turn it back on. It will never know the difference.


Unless it’s memories are all stored in a blockchain. This means that, starting from an original memory, every subsequent memory is guaranteed to have been part of the sequence.

You would probably still need some kind of third party security authority. Something to verify the first memory, and probably record the hashes for each block. That way, your AGI can always verify that (1) it’s first memory is authentic and (2) every subsequent memory matches a third party repository.


Hmmm, you only need to store hashes in the blockchain, not the actual memories themselves– those can be stored in IPFS or Filecoin. Hashes can be used to verify data integrity.