Bing Search now in Chat + when will it be

Available with the API? Is this going to be a plug in or will it be native ? Will be really nice to join current events


Have a look here for an answer.

The prompting and iterating needed to perform and satisfy an AI model’s web browsing you’ve programmed would take handling those multiple calls and returns - like you would do now for other functions that can access internet APIs.


Yes I went and got lost in Azure for a while I have a lot of set up to do apparently .

However this suggests we have it already and just add function messages to our call

Thank goodness you pointed me to it :sweat_smile:

:woman_shrugging: neither Azure or OpenAI is publicly demonstrating how they are doing it except this one I found.

The chat bot cant find one working example of a curl example to use the bing search function

This one above I am a long way from Azure should be named Adventure all these twisty little passages :eyes:

(Using bing search to look :rofl:)

Finished browsing

OpenAI has not yet opened up the Bing search functionality to developers via the API. The “Browse with Bing” feature has been integrated into the ChatGPT web application, but it’s not accessible via an API call. Currently, to use Bing search capabilities, developers might need to use Azure or set up their own integration with the Bing Search API.

OpenAI has not announced a release date for when or if this Bing search functionality will be available via the OpenAI API. If this is a crucial feature for your project, you might consider reaching out to OpenAI directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Seriously don’t you think a server bill and a OPENAI bill is enough to invest to find users? Wow now the bar has been raised yet again and us struggling developers have to foot the bill OpenAI needs to remember us before dev day

I understand your concerns. The cost of infrastructure and services can add up quickly, especially for independent developers or small teams. It’s important for platforms to provide cost-effective solutions and support to help developers create and innovate without facing prohibitive costs. Your feedback is valuable, and I hope that OpenAI and other platforms continue working towards more affordable and accessible solutions for developers of all sizes. If you have further concerns or questions, or need assistance with anything else, feel free to ask. I’m here to help

I am done Xyzzy get me out of this Azure maze