Billing Clarification: Charges for Adding Messages vs. Running Threads

Is OpenAI going to charge me only when I run the thread? If I add 4 messages to the thread, am I going to be charged on every message I add to the thread or only when I run the thread? I need clarification on the billing process for adding messages versus running the thread.

Thanks a lot.

If you add 4 messages, and you run the thread you will be charged for 4 input messages and an output message, maybe more.

The thread now has 5 messages. If you run it again you’ll now be charged for an additional 5 messages and one additional output message, maybe more.

so for two runs you’ve paid for at least 9 inputs and 2 outputs.

You certainly don’t pay token pricing just for pushing a message.

I don’t use assistants but that’s my understanding of it. code interpreter and additional files make this whole calculation more complicated.

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