Beta Features Are Turned On, But GPT-4 'Default' Section Still Does Not Allow 'All Tools' function

No abnormalities with the internet and I have used different web browsers (Safari & Chrome) and computers (both Windows & Mac). I have tried logging out and logging back in. I am from California, USA- I’m not sure if that bit of information will have any relevance to this issue.

I should be able to upload pdfs to GPT-4 ‘Default’ section with a circled + to add the file- of course, upon turning on the beta features. The problem is- despite turning on the beta features, it does not provide me with the circled + but still only the option to upload an image. The ‘Default’ section does not provide me with ‘All Tools’. I want to use all tools- I want to upload pdfs directly to ChatGPT and talk about them :cry: Please help!

I attached images down bellow for your viewing-

Here is the other image.