Best way to teach a model

Hi! I’m trying to achieve a certain behavior with chatgpt, i have lots of school books and the books have things like: definitions of something, comparisons of two or more things that can be based on definitions, and explanations of certain things that can also be based off of a definition.

For example there is a definition of Boyle’s law and Charles’ law and the book might contain something like a table outlining the differences of the laws and how they work.

My question is: should I fine-tune the model? And how do I make it prioritize my data over it’s own data. The definitions of laws for example should be strictly as trained with no additional information added by model, is that possible? And also which of the models supports Latex? Another question is how to make the model differentiate between different grades, each grade has a new book so is there a way to guide a model to retrieve data from a specific grade only e.g (5th grade)?