Best way to serve a url with hosted results of integrated TradingView charts

Currently, the Forex Rates plugin can render basic charts using Python’s matplotlib,pyplo

However, I would like to upgrade the charts and since Javascript can’t be rendered within Chat-GPT yet, there are some plugins that after performing a function deliver a url that the user can click and be taken to the result hosted on a 3rd party website (i.e. mermaid charts). Let’s say I have a plugin that already fetches price data from an API, and I want to create a chart visual of the data (using TradingView’s lightweight charts) .

Question: What would be the best way to go about it, where the data fetched from the API is also processed for the Chart rendering via the link which would be hosted on the same URL where I am hosting the plugin right now?

Here is a link to the issue on Github, contributions are welcome!

Steven Hatzakis

Presumably, as long as the image is wrapped in the appropriate markdown code to cause the ChatGPT markdown image renderer to trigger… you will get an image on the page.

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