Best Practices for Improving Assistants' Function calling Reasoning Ability

I am following the OpenAI cookbook to build an Assistant that operates on a meeting summary and actions upon that summary. There are somewhat complex logic to figure out the set of functions to call, and ~20 custom function calls as tools. Even though I pass in some of that logic into the run instructions, the model still sometimes doesn’t follow those instructions.

How can I get the model to follow those instructions, or in general improve reasoning ability in terms of correctly identifying the sequence of functions to call? What are the current best practices there?


Very detailed Assistant instructions that specify under which circumstances and in which sequence functions to call is a good starting point.

Likewise, the description of your function calls also benefits from specificity.

If you are willing to share an extract of your current Assistant instructions, we could take a deeper look at potential improvement opportunities.

There’s also the option to upload examples via the file upload of how an Assistant should operate in response to user query in your specific context and then reference the file in your instructions. This may not always work 100% but can yield performance improvements.