Azure .NET OpenAPI version 2 has breaking changes

Hi all;

Is the new version 2 OpenAIClient and associated classes documented anywhere. All I can find is the 1.0 documentation.

And hopefully guidance on how to change my code for the new API.

Changes I’ve found (likely many more):

  1. Namespace changed from Azure.AI.OpenAI to OpenAI
  2. Parameters for OpenAIClient constructor have changed (not sure to what - no documentation).
  3. The following classes no longer exist.
    1. ChatRequestMessage
    2. ChatRequestSystemMessage
    3. ChatRequestUserMessage
    4. ChatCompletionsOptions
  4. The method OpenAIClient.GetChatCompletionsAsync() no longer exists.

And is this an appropriate question here? Or as an API wrapper does this need to be asked in the Microsoft forums?

thanks - dave

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More details here: Azure OpenAI Service expands .NET SDK support - Microsoft Community Hub

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Thanks that explains what is happening. And it sounds like good news.

Is there any documentation suggesting how we port our code somewhere?

thanks - dave