Assistants: Returning Only "user:" value, no "assistant:" value

I keep getting a blank response from my assistant; this happens intermittently. I will check the status of the run. When it’s complete, I will pretty_print the value of the response.

def get_response(thread):
    return client.beta.threads.messages.list(, order="asc")

# Pretty printing helper
def pretty_print(messages):
    print("# Messages")
    for m in messages:
        print(f"{m.role}: {m.content[0].text.value}")


For example, sometimes this will return

user: Write a short poem.
assistant: Jack and Jill went over the hill.

And sometimes this will return:
user: Write a short poem.

It seems the assistant is returning “complete” on status, but hasn’t really done anything. Is my assistant lazy? (Just kidding, but is this a known bug? Is there a way to check and retry if I get this error?)