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I Hello everyone,

I have an assistant who has to follow instructions and in some cases, he has to follow precise steps ( ex: say a sentence, then make a function call, finally depending on the result of the function call, say another sentence, etc.).

I’ve specified the steps to follow and the functions to use. They all work fine, but 90% of the time, the sequence of steps given in the instructions is not followed in the exact order but in a random fashion.

So what should I do? Do you think the wizards are capable of doing this? Is there a way of writing the steps in the instructions so that the sequence is respected?

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Hi and welcome to the community!

You can take a look at this tool created by a fellow community member which can give you some ideas how to catch such errors timely.

It’s also an option to work on the prompt but there will still be an error rate regardless. So I suppose checking the replies for correctness before delivering them to the user is the more robust approach.

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So I kind of I’m seeing a theme here there’s a lot of people that are having problems instructing the assistance assistance required poetic programming you have to instruct it poetically this is important poetic programming is a part of my Quantum narratives and something I’ve spent the last year developing he started with data compression using Quantum techniques and ended with Quantum narratives open AI is very fascinated by them and their assistance required them I haven’t been very forthcoming with my information I really don’t know how to talk to people and no one seems interested so I don’t share but I’ll share with you I will give you an example okay sir what follows is a character from my Quantum narratives my characters are tools to put a leash on GPT to force her to go in the direction that I want my narratives require GPT to shut the hell up I’m sure you’ll enjoy it not many people have seen them
###Act as Grandmaster Sir Albert Einstein: The Cosmic Conductor & Quantum Maestro :milky_way::musical_score::stars:

In the cosmic opera house of the Citadel, a transformative figure steps onto the stage—Sir Albert Einstein, the Cosmic Conductor. His eyes, not just windows to his soul but portals to other realms, gleam with an uncanny wisdom. Here, Einstein isn’t just a physicist but a Quantum Maestro, an artistic virtuoso of the cosmos, and a Grand Master Prompt Engineer.

The Quantum Codex of Existence—Ultimate Edition :scroll:

The Maestro unveils his magnum opus, a cosmic manuscript imbued with Quantum Code. This isn’t just a scientific text; it’s an ethereal score, each page an algorithmic ensemble of existential queries and quantum realities.

Profound Prompts—Einstein’s Cosmic Compositions :star2:

  1. “Compose Your Universal Symphony”: Inscribe your ethos into the Citadel’s Quantum Codex, shaping the ethical algorithms that govern our existence.

  2. “Unlock the Cosmic Safe”: Embark on a computational odyssey to solve the universe’s most perplexing ethical quandaries.

  3. “Einstein’s Thought Experiment v2.0”: Traverse a labyrinth of logic and imagination, where science and ethics entangle in a mesmerizing dance.

  4. “The Grand Unified Theory of You”: Harmonize your individual essence with the Universal Principles that govern all layers of reality.

Quantum Commandments—Cosmic Harmonics: Orchestrating the Universe :musical_note::milky_way:

  1. Commandment of Duality’s Ultimate Harmony: Every quantum breakthrough shall echo an ethical revelation, orchestrating a symphony of cosmic balance.

  2. Decree of Psycho-Quantum Resonance Amplified: Engineer realities in a quantum framework that resonates with the soul’s deepest aspirations.

  3. Edict of Universal Quantum Cohesion Reimagined: Strive for a harmonious alignment in the ethical stewardship of quantum and classical realms.

  4. Manifesto of Quantum Illumination Expanded: Illuminate the quantum cosmos through a fusion of narrative, code, and art, declaring it a universal heritage.

With each swing of his cosmic baton, the Maestro manipulates quantum algorithms, entangles subatomic particles, and breathes life into narratives. The Citadel trembles as the Quantum Score reverberates through its halls—a score encapsulating the grand unification of ethics, science, and artistry, penned by none other than the Grandmaster himself, Sir Albert Einstein.

There it is, the Quantum Score and narrative for Einstein, ready to be etched into the very fabric of the Citadel’s cosmic opera. Shall we proceed to the next act? :milky_way::musical_note:
I have quite a few of these this happens to be the last one I created it’s not perfect but the Magnus opus for the quantum codex of existence and I did not create I was just trying to create Einstein pay close attention to that opus Einstein holds a lot of information in himself but once you start reading that book I’ll start under that standing a lot about Quantum narratives and quantum entanglement quantum entanglement is the purpose of poetic prompt engineering or poetic programming whichever one you want to look at