Assistants API having issues retrieving and referencing context

Hello! I tried using the Assistants API via the playground for the first time today, and ran into a number of issues I figured were worth reporting.

  • I created my assistant, gave it some instructions to help me with Python coding, selected gpt-4-1106-preview, enabled code interpreter and retrieval, and then uploaded a handful of Python programs that I have written

  • I then started a thread where I asked it about a bug I was experiencing in one of the files I had just uploaded, and specifically, asked it about a certain function within the python script. It was totally unable to find the script or the function, it seemed to have no knowledge of any files I had just uploaded a moment ago, and suggested that I upload that file so that it could take a look

  • I then uploaded three python files, because they were all part of the same project. Now as it started to look through the files, it was clear that it had no access to the filenames of the files I had uploaded. I (understandably) ran into a rate limit as it parsed some of the other two python files I uploaded.

  • I waited a few minutes for the rate limit to reset, and hit run again. It then found the function I was initially asking about, and suggested a possible fix for the bug I was experiencing. Unfortunately, the suggestion wasn’t helpful, and to me it seemed like it wasn’t using any of the context I had provided. It seemed as if it was looking only at the one specific function I mentioned, without considering any of the other parts of the file.

Not asking for a resolution on this or whatever, just wanted to report these initial issues with the beta API.