Assistants API | Adding a file during run + submit_tool_outputs

The problem is


does not seem to submit the file it to the run on OpenAI servers, but it’s just a local object.

Yeah there doesn’t seem to be a reason why that would work, as there is no run object submitted to the API.

Sorry for the delay. Here is a hypothetical scenario:

  1. User asks a question to an Assistant that has both, a custom function and Retrieval enabled.
  2. The custom function would gather information based on the user’s question and, instead of submitting that information as a long string or JSON, it would create a file, upload it to OpenAI using client.create.files(), and submit the FileID from the upload to the Run while it is in a “requires_action” state.
  3. The Run would continue and use Retrieval to open / analyze the file and ultimately respond to the user (key here is that it would be all done in one Run).

FYI, I heard back from an OpenAI staff member in the community and they confirmed that this functionality does not currently exist, so please don’t waste too much of your time. I’ve asked them to include it and he said he will since he also sees a use-case for this, but it is not even on their current roadmap.

Appreciate the help!

Appreciate the approach here. I actually tried this as one of my first attempts to resolve the issue, but the results are unpredictable – sometimes it works great and other times the Assistant has trouble connecting the two Runs. It also gets very costly, as I place my instructions at the Run-level (due to some specifics of our use-case), so the token counts add up when all we need the second Run for is to attach the file in the Message. Thanks tho.

Thanks for this, but I’m also having trouble following along on how this would work, as “run” would only be a local object and doing “run.file_ids.append()” would only alter the local object since it’s not being submitted back to OpenAI. I know there is a modifyRun ( API call, but that only allows the “metadata” to be updated.

Am I missing something here? I’m experiencing similar results to @akabiri-collectivei and understand the point raised by @jorgeintegrait about nothing being submitted to the API.

So that was done is during the function call (or tool call).
so for example:

###note, alot of validation and setup are omitted for brevity

for tool in toolCallList:
    #call the function toolFunction()

   #pass in the run object from the current run


#finish up with the tooloutput submission

#in another file for the definition of toolFunction
#a few assumptions the assistant is a accessible and able to add the file in.
def toolFunction(run,arg1):
    #add the file to the assistant

While at times we do observe the annotations can be missing, but it has been working fine. of course more testing is required.

if anyone found a solution i have a similar problem, i try to upload a file to my function :

“name”: “send_email_to_zapier”,
“description”: “Send an email via Zapier webhook”,
“parameters”: {
“type”: “object”,
“properties”: {
“email”: {
“type”: “string”,
“description”: “The recipient’s email address”
“subject”: {
“type”: “string”,
“description”: “The subject of the email”
“message”: {
“type”: “string”,
“description”: “The body content of the email”
“file”: {
“type”: “string”,
“description”: “The attached file content encoded in base64”
“required”: [

But i don’t how to do it, because when i ask my assistant to generate a pdf and send it, i don’t receive a file from the assistant even if he’s telling me he did.

I don’t know if i’m clear sorry :sweat_smile: i’m a newbie in this asssistant API stuff

So with Assistants API V2 here now, and the files connected to the Assistant, can we use ModifyRun via a function call to add files to its own active run? Again, OP wants it to happen seamlessly without having to restart the assistant.

I looked right when v2 of the API came out, but the only the “metadata” can be altered with modifyRun. Still doesn’t look like there is a solution to provide a file during an active run.

I’m going to try and see if I can run client.beta.assistants.update(, tool_resources) as a function call and see if that updates its file_ids while the run is still active. Otherwise, I may try to initiate a new run as a function call after doing that…

It seems to work.
I’m starting out with the assistant defined with the code_interpreter tool but no file_ids as resources. In addition, it has a function “add_file_to_assistant” that uploads a csv to Openai, then adds the file_id to the assistant with:
client.beta.assistants.update(assistant_id=assistant_id, tool_resources=tool_resources_updated).
With a single user prompt, it then calls the function first and then the code_interpreter uses the file to answer the user question. In a single run.

Only way is to submit tool output with some success message and let the run complete then submit a new message with the file ids and create a new run that then has access to the file. Only solution until they support passing file ids as tool outputs.

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I’m running into this suprised more folks arent. Here’s my usecase and my hacky solve which I’m finding a bit of consistency with.

  1. user asks a question, think SQL
  2. Assistant writes and runs a query, (Can return many rows, way too many to stick in the actual thread)
  3. Assistant can upload the dataset for code-interpreter to compete the analysis.

My solve is to cancel the run when the upload_file function is called, Create a fake user message (hidden from the end user), with the uploaded files attached, then re-start a new run automatically.

And this wasn’t working with any consistency until I adjusted the fake user message to be something like this:

“I have uploaded the file for you to now use!”

Basically role play the user uploading the file themselves and the assistant doesn’t get confused so much.