Assistant welcome message

When creating a new thread I would ALWAYS like the assistant to write me a certain welcome text (which it automatically translates by determining the user’s language from the first message).

I have tried putting this in the assistant’s instructions and it works, but when the user’s first message automatically calls a function, this welcome message does not appear. What can I do? I could forcibly add it to the thread but I can’t tell it to automatically translate it

This would be a simple programming task if not for wanting to switch language.

I would use chat completions to make an AI that only determines the language being used, and outputs the ISO language code. Then you can pick which of your pre-translated texts to display.

You can also just provide language selection in the user interface. For example, ChatGPT before user input:


That’s exactly what I do in my Chatbot

I use Assistant v2, in think that chat completions are not supported

Assistants and Chat completions API are two different things. You could still use your OpenAI API creds to access chat completions and generate text. Cheers!

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