Assistant thread throwing AceInternalException

I am developing an assistant and there are times when I will encounter an AceInternalException when asking the assistant to process data attached to the assistant. Once this happens all use of code_interpreter results in a failure and the thread has to be destroyed/recreated in order to continue work. As you can imagine this is a major issue as I lose all context I’ve built in the thread upon experiencing these failures.

Is OpenAI aware that this is still an issue? I found a similar issue posted in Nov’23 that didn’t have a resolution other than ‘wait it out’. Does anyone know of a way to reset or reboot the code_interpreter to get around this issue, or is starting a new thread the only way to accomplish this?

EDIT: The problem seems to happen either at random (e.g., in the middle of an active thread) or after a period of inactivity on the thread. Is there an internal timeout set on code_interpreter instances attached to an assistant thread? If so, is there a way to inspect this? Having the assistant randomly crap-out is a horrible UX.


I am also getting AceInternalExceptions after sometime when working with uploaded datasets, initial responses are fine but then I am getting crap-out and hallucinated answers…

It seem to be a bug exiting since Nov 2023.
To prevent the model from false answers I am adding the following instruction:

As a general instruction, do not answer in cases of issues connecting to the data structures or failure in retrieving the requested information.
Just write that there was a problem and add details about it if you have them.

Should be added as system instruction.