Assistant Specialization?


I created a few Assistants and I’m about to continue my tinkering, exploration and learning – mostly learning … which is why I’m posting on the new / novice section and under lost-user.

The ask/ goal / objective:

I would to refine an assistant. I would like to add a tool in the form of a Google Sheet. I would like the Assistant to know how to use the google sheet as a way to answer specific questions for the User or from another Agent by serving as the tool expert for this given google sheet.

The sheet will contain an example of the set up and problem.
The sheet will also serve as an empty template so the Assistant can refer to it as a guide and reference point to modify and adjust once a new variation of the problem is sent to this Assistant.

I’m merely looking for existing sites, posts and tutorials that teaches how to modify existing agents to use tools like google sheets to further improve output.

I’m not looking for my solution or precise use case to be solved - just seeking to shorten my search time on the forum or anywhere else - such as youtube as I know there are so many great teachers out there posting How Tos.

Thanks in advance for any assistance and most importantly – for your patience and even tolerance! :slight_smile: