Assistant doesn't return all information available in files

Hi! When I create a thread message asking a question sending some files, the Assistant doesn’t return all information available in files.

For example, with these assumptions:

  • I have a PDF with 900 pages detailing a physical project;
  • on some pages there are details of the materials to be used, perhaps separated into certain areas;

If I ask Assistants:
user: What materials will be used?

It is returning:
assistans: Material A, material B and material C will be used.

But I know that there are material X, Y and Z.

And if I ask:
user: Is there no more material? He answers:
assistants: Yes, there is also material X, material Y and material Z.

I tried to find a parameter like “temperature”, but it doesn’t seem to exist, or I didn’t find it, and also don’t know if this is the way.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

Noted the same thing. Wondering if using the GPT Assitant API will allow more logic, stepwise processes and other complex code than the web-based GPT builder bake d into ChatGPT Plus…

I do agree! I believe they might already have it…