Assistant API Providing Summary of Data Instead of Complete

When attempting to have an assistant perform data analysis on a large file. The response is considered too long by the assistant and it provides a summary or partial response.

Example Response:
“A”: 663,
“B”: 276,
“C”: 218,
“D”: 194,

“X”: 1,
“Y”: 1,
“Z”: 1

As you can see in this response it skipped/summaried the middle values by providing ...

I have attempted to make the prompt extremely specific to return the entire dataset. I have also used ChatGPT to iterate on the instructions multiple times to force the entire dataset to be returned.

The only solution I have found is through the Assistant Playground UI. I can ask the assistant to provide a file with the output. This results in the entire dataset being returned in a json file, but through the API it does not seem possible to have a file streamed.

Any recommendations would be helpful.


Am facing a similar issue. Seems there are differences in using the Playground and the API itself. My Assistant Instruction works fine in Playground and the AI can smile and respond with emojis. In API it’s just drinking Instruction tokens without caring what’s even written there. So disappointed. So to me, I just accepted it’s not the right time for me to use Assistants API at the moment

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yes i’m facing the same issue, the assistant respond with a shorten list telling it is shorten to help with visibility, ok i can agree to this, but then i ask an instruction to update all those record and he will do first three only, even if i’m very specific like you did.

facing same issue, any way that we can tackle this problem?

can you share how did you solved this problem, or if you can suggest any other tools?

I’m currently not using the Assistants API as I need it for PROD, not blowing up my account with a usage experience that’s currently for development