Assistant API functions JSON invalid issue

So i tried to copy my schema from hte GPT to the assistants API and for some reason it wont take my schema, it says its invalid JSON; so can Assistants API work with OpenAPI schemas? or what could be the issue when adding a new function through the OpenAI gui.
Thanks for all responses.


I’m stuck with the same problem.
How to reformat an OpenAPI json to a valid function calling json?

So i figured it out, the assistant functions are totally different thing from the gpt actions. The assistant can provide you with a params to a function, it cant call the api itself. Read the docs, cause i also skipped it and then was confused… So you will have to call the api on your backend, which makes more sense actually, the assistant will provide you with the body basically based off of the user prompt.

Hi I have an another issue about assistant API function calling.
I put this function like cookbook but I got invalid json error. does it bug or not?

oh I let chatgpt corrected the indentation and other formatting issues, the problem was resolved. weired…