Assistant API File Management Question - Upload, Process on Assistant, Delete, Repeat


I want to make an Assistant that we would only use internally, not customer facing, that we would upload a file via api (small files <= 3mb~) , ask some questions, delete the file, upload another, ask some questions, delete, repeat etc…

I do not image having more than one or two files on the assistant at any given time.

Would this keep me in my file limit range?

What issues would I be facing using this line of thinking?

Thanks for any advice, team!

Yes, you should go ahead with this. All the requirements proposed by you seem to be covered by the specifications.

Just remember that the number of tokens per text file is capped at a maximum of 2 million tokens.

You can also add members to your org if you plan on giving them API access.

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You can also simnply add the files as part of the thread that way they should be discarded much easier. (Instead of adding them to the Assistant). You need a new thread anyway for new questions

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@jlvanhulst Sounds exactly like what we should do, thanks!

Many thanks for the quick reply!


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