Assistant API: Empty message is generated with Code Interpreter tool for no reason

Current when working with Assistant API plus code interpreter. There is always an unexpected empty message in the message list when code interpreter tool is called.

It is quiet easy to reproduce in the playground as below screenshot. msg_JXx38gqU1DUl8KMxjAlYvCLO is clearly redundant.

There was no such redundant empty message weeks ago. I assume it should be a bug because of recent changes?


Hi whung,

I think there might me some error behaviour in Assistant API. Not sure if the issue will be solved by when though.

I got the same message with empty content.

ThreadMessage(id='msg_QvyFx1En6dEuFqWU48OcnamE', assistant_id='asst_Xgn4Cvd7a4wjj7ZND1yaoLGY', content=[], created_at=1709185552, file_ids=[], metadata={}, object='thread.message', role='assistant', run_id='run_y2l1RB3rcfpvr04tvOepTkcv', thread_id='thread_sOkANpAkgI8ZWIPN9epiEIEy')