API vs 20$/month subscription for those who use ChatGPT as an assistant (webmasters, programmers, SEO specialists...)

APIs serve as gateways to the core functionalities of artificial intelligence, whereas ChatGPT is an application that utilizes this AI infrastructure for conversational interactions.

My preference leans towards using ChatGPT for a variety of programming tasks because of its cost efficiency. With ChatGPT, I can easily manage my expenditure limits, ensuring that my budget is not surpassed. In a striking comparison, for a mere $20, I can engage with ChatGPT for an entire month using its top-tier model, an endeavor that would invariably incur higher costs if I were to process an equivalent amount of requests through an API with a custom-built app or using pre-existing apps by others, despite utilizing the same AI models.

In my projects, I utilize both ChatGPT and APIs: my API is the backbone of “kruel.ai,” a system designed for research and development purposes, which you might find interesting to look up. Concurrently, I use ChatGPT, powered by a custom GPT named miniDavepycodex, to facilitate coding. This combination has proven to be highly effective. Additionally, it is possible to create a custom GPT model to interact directly with your API systems, offering a bespoke solution. However, unlike ChatGPT which allows for monthly budget control at $20, direct API access doesn’t offer similar spending limits; it permits continuous operation as long as financial resources are available, subject only to call rate limitations, which are substantially more flexible than those of ChatGPT.