API use for Saas- level application

I am building a SaaS-level application, and I want to know if creating multiple API keys from the same account would be beneficial. If so, are there any potential issues when multiple users hit the server simultaneously, especially regarding the impact on the ChatGPT server?

For this SaaS application, various organizations will be utilizing it, each potentially dealing with substantial files for processing. Could you clarify if a separate account is required for each organization, or if utilizing the same account with different API keys would suffice?

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If you you own several companies then you can create an account for each of them, you should not create accounts on your clients behalf though. Management of limited resources is why this is important.

You can create as many API keys as you like but the rate and usage limits will be across all of them. This is so that everyone has access to the AI. You should inform your clients of this and you should manage their expectations in terms of speed and usage levels and it’s your job to manage your use with your rate limits and account tier.

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I have one more query .Is there an API endpoint available for programmatically generating keys, or do we have to create them manually?

I am only aware of a manual system currently, programmatic systems and keys do not usually mix at this level.

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Hello, can you tell me one more thing? How can we track how much money we spend on a particular API key in one request?

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