API routes to check model health

Hi, is there any route I can call to check the health of a model, eg. checking if text-davinci-003 is available and healthy to use?

The closest APIs I found is retrieve engine, which is deprecated, and the replaced retrieve model route, which I don’t know if it includes the health of the model. Thanks!

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I don’t believe so. There’s the status page, but it’s usually not “current” with status…although it’s close…

Are you trying to make something to switch models if TD3 model is not available?

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Thanks for the welcome! Yeah, we are hoping to give users some “unavailable” message if the model is currently not available. We could call the completion endpoint and see if it returns any error, but we are hoping to be able to check the health of the model without even calling the completion API.


It’s a good idea and might take some stress off OpenAI’s servers when they are having problems.

You might reach out to Chat Support to offer it as an idea.



hello can any one explain to me more about APIs

Here is ChatGPT giving a “rubber ducky” explanation:

APIs, or application programming interfaces, are a set of rules and protocols that allow different software applications to communicate with each other. Think of it like a group of friends trying to play a game together. Each friend has their own set of rules and ways of playing the game, but when they come together, they need to agree on a common set of rules so they can all play together seamlessly. APIs work in a similar way, allowing different software applications to share data and functionality with each other.

If you have questions beyond that, feel free to ask more specifically!

so,it mean I can join a team to start work in project
or,there is a particulal skills to joined?

thank you for your replying :smiling_face:

This thread is about “API routes to check model health”… Please stay on topic. It’s a good idea, and I’d hate to see “thread-drift” hide it.

If you’d like help on something or are looking for a teammate, feel free to start a new thread.

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