API retrieved that I have exceed the quota however I have never used it

Am trying the API for the first time, am on the free plan and it shows that I have an 18$ limit however when I’m trying to use the API for the first time it retrieves a message saying that I have exceeded the quota.

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Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

The 18$ limit was part of the account creation process early this year and also prior, that free grant has not been available for at least 6 months and expires after 3 months. So your are viewing expired, unused grant tokens. You will have to add a card payment method and add at least $5 credit to continue.


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Thank you for your answer, but I need to clarify some points. Is the 5$ just a monthly subscription for the plan and does not include the API token cost or it is just like a balance that will be deducted due to API calls

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The $5 is token credit that lasts for 12 months, so you buy some initial amount and then you top up as you run low.


thanks for the explanation it helped me too