API key under a different alias

After being unable to access this Forum as a user, and also unable to even sign up as a new user, I want to share this info here for everyone’s benefit.

I have a tendency to obfuscate things. When it comes to code, if everyone is using a named variable, or some instruction out of a tutorial, I tend to use different names for most everything involved. This is purely an obfuscation measure I use to keep probing bots from finding “known” keys to the kingdom. And so it was with my version of OPENAI_API_KEY. Mine was established as a different variable name, and my code worked as I’d expect. But I was having some problems with the command line tool and completely unable to figure out the problem with accessing the forum.

Then it struck me: change the environment variable to the one recommended by openai tutorials. Upon my next reboot, I now had a fully functional command line tool plus immediate access to the forum. It may be some sort of weird coincidence, but I truly had tried everything before, and now, with this one change and a reboot, I was up and running 100%. I’m not inclined to change it again for the sake of testing. Perhaps someone else can take that up if anyone so chooses. I’m just happy to be able to write on the forum, and to have complete use of the command line tool. I don’t recall reading in the tutorials that one should NOT use any environment variable name other than the recommended one, and none of the breaks or errors I was encountering shot that error up the stack and to my eager eyes. One short sentence in the documentation might save some other obfuscating fool from the same folly I have experienced. Either that, or don’t make everything so dependent on the exact environment variable.

Awesome code base though. I do wish MSFT were not so involved though. It makes me hesitant to fall in love. All my worst childhood nightmares include MSFT traumas. It is an OS that I will never be able to fully trust ever again, and I’d hate to see this wonderful set of tools become available only to those with a Microsoft Account.