Api extention : meal planning suggestion policies

We are discussing the ability to integrate openAI api in our projects and provided products. As a matter of fact we are considering the following use cases and scenarios:

  • We are using the api to generate meal plans based on user data. We know that the result will follow certain boundaries and norms (health and medical norms) ,is there a way to extend and change these norms based on data provided by the app (doctors specify norms and health rules using the apps) ?
  • Does the app have a meal recognition using images ? and how much can we extend it using exotic food (arabic food for example).
    I would appreciate any help answering these use cases. Thanks in advance!

The multi-modal capabilities aren’t available currently, so you wont be able to use the API for any image recognition purposes yet


Thank you !

  • And How about modal extension .Taking the example of meal generation policies ?