API and Playground error - "Run failed. Sorry, something went wrong"


  • Go to Playground, create new Assistant
  • Switch on “Retrival” and add PDFs.
  • Ensure Streaming response is On.
  • Run a prompt that uses the docs/PDFs.
  • Runs are streamed and you start getting response. But suddenly it is cut half way with “Run failed”.

I was getting this via API but I could isolate the problem once I tried using Playground and I can reproduce this issue.

You use Streaming Response with Retrieval., and I repeatedly getting error where response are cut/stopped half way…
“Run failed. Sorry, something went wrong.”

It would be generating content, and just fail!

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Turns out, this issue occurs when prompt asks for Citations or response includes Citations. If I explicitly ask not to include Citations, error goes away via API or via Playground!