Anyone have luck with providing negative criteria?

Is there a way to ensure certain words are not included in the response from a prompt? With a Google search you can put a dash in front of a word if you don’t want the results to include that word. Is there a way to write a prompt to exclude certain words or topics?


I have not had luck with that. If you say “Don’t do X” it doesn’t seem to understand so I focus on “Do Y and only Y”

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I was curious about this since i didn’t tried it before.

“A cat with no eyes” didn’t work at all.

“A cat without eyes” did work in half the cases. And one was good.

“A still life without pears” in a lot of phrasing was fruitless… Pears where guaranteed to be in it :smile:

“A woman without arms” in some phrasings was also hopeless.

“A woman without eyes” worked in half the cases sort of. But very unsatisfying.