Any suggestions for a 3rd Party Subscription Service?

Any suggestions for a good service for selling online subscriptions to a knowledge base query system (powered by OpenAI, of course)?

Sounds like traditional marketing, build it and they will come, also helps if you advertise it.

I’m sorry, I don’t mean a marketing service, I mean a service where I can sell subscriptions to my great AI-powered database to the general public. A service that handles the credit cards, user authorizations (via REST API), cancellations, monthly billings, etc…

The idea is: I put a link to the service on my site. If a user likes it and wants to subscribe, they click on the link, do the financial stuff with the subscription service, if the transaction is successful, the service sends me, via REST API, info that I need to automatically create the account. And then we’re in business!

Stripe Checkout, Chargebee and similar handle all the recurring subscription logic. You’re going to need to handle user signups on your own.

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Do you know if either of the systems can be configured to make API calls to our server when a new user has subscribed?

I believe Stripe generates a webhook.

Thank you for the information.