/answers endpoint seems to be referencing more than just provided file ID?

I’m posting to the /answers endpoint using a file I just uploaded that only contains 3 examples. However, in the answers I get back I see it referencing 10 documents total, the majority of which were from earlier files I uploaded while testing.

Is the /answers endpoint only supposed to reference the file you include in the request? Or is it supposed to reference all files you’ve uploaded? My goal is to only reference the file ID I include in the request.

The /answers endpoint should only be using examples from the file-id you reference when you call the endpoint. If you’d like, I can take a look if you DM me the api call (or feel free to reach out to support@openai.com who can also help figure this out)

Strange, trying to reproduce today and unable to. I’d already deleted all those original files when it happened and was just uploading one at a time. As of now for me it’s working as expected - I uploaded multiple files, and /answers is only referencing the file ID I include in the request.

If I notice it happen again, will definitely save logs and DM you. Thanks for the follow up!