Answer Request for Proposals (RFP)

I am looking for suggestions and guidance to automate or help with the creation of Requests for Proposals Responses.

Every month, companies are posting RFPs for HRIS systems and to bid and answer these proposal is very time consuming for our sales and technical departments. We miss of lot of opportunities because we don’t have time to create every documents.

I am looking for a way to upload our documentation on our services and past answers to RFPs to eventually be able to upload an RFP and have ChatGPT draft the answer based on the content we provided.

Of course, privacy is a concern and I don’t want our content to be available on the Internet. Is Azure Open Ai a good solution to train ChatGPT to write these RFP answers for us.

Thanks for your time and suggestions.

Have you tried contacting OpenAI Sales?

Contact our sales team

Note: I am not an OpenAI employee just a regular user of this forum.

No i haven’t contacted them yet. I was initially looking into the “Bring your own data” module from Azure OpenAI. I wonder if anyone has done something like this with Azure.

Ask them to use something like! It’s a centralizes RFP creation and management.

Hey! We’ve built this solution on top of OpenAI’s GPT-4.

I would be happy to provide a demo as well. Feel free to connect with me. I’m at thomas(at)