Announcing Beak.js - Custom AI-powered assistants for your React app

Hello fellow OpenAI developers!

I want to announce my open-source toolkit for developing custom chat-based agents in any React app and kindly ask for your feedback.

Beak.js is an open source library that enables you to integrate GPT directly in your user interface code. This allows GPT to coexist perfectly with your existing app and assist your user with everything they see on screen.

The toolkit provides a simple hook-based mechanism to let GPT know about the functions currently available and the data visible to the user on the screen.

It is really easy to integrate. For an example, check out the demo in /demo/frontend/presentation, which allows you to deliver a GPT-assisted presentation on any topic in less than 100 LOC.

Security-wise, there are handlers for Next.js, Remix, and Express to secure the API token and provide rate limiting.

If this sounds interesting to you, please give it a try! Issues and feedback are very welcome.