Always text on the image created with dall-e-3

I am trying to create images for children stories. gpt-4 produce the story and dall-e-3 creates the images of the story. But there are always text on the image. here is my prompt:
“prompt”: “Create the detailed scene of the given story. Do not place any text on the image :” + story_text

Thanks for the help in advance

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The task the AI should be performing is to give you the overwhelming description, sufficient that you can then decidedly instruct the AI between you on the API and the real DALL-E 3 not to rewrite anything.

I have a ChatGPT plus GPT that goes way beyond in fulfilling the need for description when it makes images, but lets just have it dump prompt instead of sending it.

Input to custom imagery GPT:

book source text

The second is not known yet, perhaps, because it is quite an inland story. It has been handed down from mouth to mouth, from stork-mamma to stork-mamma, for thousands of years, and each of them has told it better and better; and now we’ll tell it best of all.

The first stork pair who told the story had their summer residence on the wooden house of the Viking, which lay by the wild moor in Wendsyssel; that is to say, if we are to speak out of the abundance of our knowledge, hard by the great moor in the circle of Hjörring, high up by the Skagen, the northern point of Jutland.

The wilderness there is still a great wide moor-heath, about which we can read in the official description of districts. It is said that in old times there was here a sea, whose bottom was upheaved; now the moorland extends for miles on all sides, surrounded by damp meadows, and unsteady shaking swamp, and turfy moor, with blueberries and stunted trees. Mists are almost always hovering over this region, which seventy years ago was still inhabited by wolves.

Prompt Improvement request (no image):
create a dalle prompt that vividly depicts the text, style is a wood block print page of a children’s book.

Then lets get an idea what it will send off:


To craft a vivid DALL-E prompt based on your text, we’ll focus on creating a scene that captures the essence of the vast moor-heath landscape described, incorporating elements such as the damp meadows, unsteady swamp, turfy moor with blueberries, stunted trees, and hovering mists. The style requested is that of a woodblock print page from a children’s book, which suggests a somewhat simplified, stylized approach with clear, bold shapes and lines typical of woodcut illustrations. Here’s how the prompt could be structured:

Imagine a wide, expansive moor-heath stretching out under a sky filled with swirling mists. This landscape, once the bottom of an ancient sea, now unfolds for miles in every direction, its vastness palpable. Surrounding the heath are damp meadows that glisten with morning dew, leading to areas of unsteady, shaking swamp that hint at the earth's hidden movements below. Scattered across the moor are patches of turfy ground, dotted with wild blueberries that add specks of color to the otherwise muted palette of greens and browns. Here and there, stunted trees rise, their twisted forms bearing witness to the harsh, wind-swept conditions of this place.

The scene is enveloped in a constant, ethereal mist, giving it a mysterious, almost otherworldly quality. This is a landscape that whispers tales of ancient times, of nature's immense power and the constant, slow dance of creation and erosion. It is a place where the wild still holds sway, a reminder of the world's wild heart.

For this image, envision a woodblock print style typical of children's book illustrations, where each element is rendered with bold, clear lines and simplified forms. The use of contrasts between the dark, ink-like textures of the woodcut and the lighter areas will bring depth and dimension to the scene, while the stylized interpretation of the moor-heath and its surroundings will lend the image a timeless, storybook quality. The overall effect should be one of captivating beauty, with a hint of the mystical, inviting viewers to step into a world where nature reigns supreme.

This prompt integrates the descriptive elements of the original text with the artistic style of a woodblock print, aiming to capture both the physical attributes of the moor-heath and the atmospheric, almost mystical quality of the landscape. The narrative tone is maintained to evoke the storytelling aspect of a children’s book, inviting the viewer into the scene.

You can see everything in the prompt is about imagery and depiction, not talking to DALL-E – and especially not telling what it shouldn’t do, because the image creator cannot follow negation.

The only thing then is frame it in a “no rewrite allowed” instruction that is effective on the API, because even there exists an AI told to rewrite what you input (I also had the AI shift “style first, then contents” – important in carrying your theme)

For our start of HC Andersen’s “The Moor King’s Daughter”.


I sincerely appreciate the exceptional assistance and the comprehensive explanation you’ve provided. Your guidance has been incredibly valuable, offering clarity and insight that greatly contributed to my understanding.