All my runs are "Status: incomplete"

A few minutes ago I was testing code just fine with no problem and suddenly all the runs I submit immediately go into “incomplete” status. Is this an outage of sorts, or what would cause this? I have plenty of credits in my account and run.last_error is None.

It has been going on for the better part of 30-45 minutes.


Now receiving run failed errors and this:

Last error was LastError(code=‘server_error’, message=‘Sorry, something went wrong.’) at 1717444364.

Is anyone from OpenAI monitoring these forums that can confirm if there is an issue on their side?

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@satoshin - Welcome to the forum,

You can find issues and recent incidents below. Hope this helps


Hello @satoshin , I am facing the same issue it gets stuck in incomplete status for long time and then in some response directly gives
Last error was LastError(code=‘server_error’, message=‘Sorry, something went wrong.’)

I am stuck since last week do you have any updates on same ?

What I notice is, if a run status goes to incomplete, it never recovers. The only option seems to be to start a new thread :frowning:

What does “incomplete” even mean - is there any documentation on what went wrong and how to recover?

Found a piece of documentation which could probably throw more light on what happened -

The run.incomplete_details property on the run object.

Yeah the reason was [quote=“satoshin, post:2, topic:794185”]
Sorry, something went wrong.

lol. It now magically works again. I guess it’s a mystery for now.

If you have max tokens populated with a value try removing it and see if you get different results.

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@satoshin Thanks let me check if that solves the issue for now

I tried with different max_prompt_tokens and max_completion_tokens from null to 50000. Yet, kept getting an incomplete run.

The issue resolved for the particular thread, when I set the truncation_strategy to last_messages
And the issue would re-surface on the same thread, if I let the truncation_strategy take the default i.e. auto.

The incomplete reason, though is always -
incomplete_details: {"reason":"max_prompt_tokens"}

Overall, the behaviour seems more stable with the truncation_strategy of last_messages, though I have seen an incomplete run once even with this strategy :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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@jknt Agree I did the same strategy, when you deal with max tokens it always stuck
with incomplete status and if truncation_strategy is auto then also it keeps failing after certain questions while setting last_messages makes the thread stable

@satoshin Thank you for the solution Removing Max tokens helped but then again what is the use of the parameter if we cant control the flow

The reason is: using more tokens makes OpenAi more money. lol.

I noticed that they even start throttling ChatGPT for me after a couple of hours of using it with coding help since I’m not a professional developer.

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Hey @satoshin!

Happy to help with this, Can you provide me with a thread id where you’re seeing this behavior?

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@stevecoffey Here is a threadId which is seeing this error:

and the run is created like this:

 const run = await openai.beta.threads.runs.create(threadId, {
        assistant_id: assistantId,
        max_prompt_tokens: 50000,
        max_completion_tokens: 50000,
        truncation_strategy: {
          type: 'last_messages',
          last_messages: 10,

I tried with truncation_strategy of type auto and even that fails after a few back and forth.

If I create a new thread, all starts working again for a little while.

@stevecoffey Okay on a little more digging, I see that while the API gives the error, internally the model seems to have generated 11 replies to a single prompt of hi. Please check the last set of exchanges on the thread.

The replies can be viewed on the thread

Whereas the API continues to return an error with incomplete status.

Another thread which is leaking the messages with the reason - {“reason”:“max_prompt_tokens”}


So it seems, there is a bug in the tooling around this.