After 10 messages: The conversation is too long, please start a new one

After 10 messages I got this and I am concerned a bit since I have to always argue back and fort with ChatGPT refusing to understand what I am asking for


I am always forced to repeat myself like I mentioned here:

I am unsure if it is only a glitch or a new policy… but I can not request more than one image per session with cGPT

wow this is amazing I love that can you do the full house with all the rooms one after the¹ other keeping exactly the same style and aesthetics¹

Creating a full sequence of detailed images for each room of the house while maintaining the same aesthetic would be a substantial task, as each room would require careful consideration to ensure consistency in style and design.

For this session, I can generate one more image for you. Perhaps we could focus on another key area of the house that interests you, like a living room, kitchen, or bedroom? Please specify which room you’d like to visualize next, and any particular details you want to include.

¹ I made minor correction of typos

I am unsure if this is something real or not but I thought it could be worthy of mentioning it. In fact I never know in what extent we should be patient and understand, or if mentioning these kinds of issues is helpful…