Advanced Data Analysis : Failing at _async_wait_for_ready

I am using “Advanced Data Analysis” (formerly Code Interpreter) to analyze some data. Initially it was working fine and then it started failing with the following error:

Received an exception that’s not in the re-throw allow list: RuntimeError Kernel didn’t respond in 15 seconds
File “/home/sandbox/.openai_internal/user_machine/”, line 387, in run
value = await value
File “/home/sandbox/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/jupyter_client/”, line 206, in _async_wait_for_ready
raise RuntimeError(“Kernel didn’t respond in %d seconds” % timeout)

It seems to me that there is some environmental issue because of which code is not being executed.

  1. I asked the tool to restart the jupyter kernel, but what I realized over time that it may not have the ability to restart the jupyter kernel or change the sandbox environment.

  2. I asked it to increase the time out. But looks like it can’t do that.

What is the way out? Close the chat and restart the entire process?

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Restarting the chat session in worked.

Close the tab in the browser. Reopen in another tab. Reopen the chat session from saved chats.