Adding scientific information on the knowledge base

I recommend that OpenAI incorporate the latest research on language policies, attitudes, and beliefs in Kyrgyzstan into its training data. This would enhance the model’s understanding of the sociolinguistic landscape in Kyrgyzstan, where language plays a crucial role in identity and politics. Incorporating research by scholars like Mambetaliev from the University of Pannonia, as well as other credible sources, can help the AI model provide more culturally and contextually relevant responses when engaging with users from Kyrgyzstan or addressing topics related to this region. Ensuring up-to-date information on language dynamics will contribute to the model’s accuracy and cultural sensitivity.


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It is super important that advocates and evangelists for languages and identities in less represented parts of the world make sure that their linguistic and cultural history is online, well curated, accurate and as authoritative as possible. Could be worth discussing this with local representatives and creating a website that is welcoming to the OpenAI web crawler bot so that the information can be picked up and encoded.

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