Adding a referenceable number for each prompt and a reply feature

I find that using words like “first/second/above/latest” for a prompt is often very clunky and chatGPT has trouble understanding what I’m trying to reference. Like if I would have a 15 prompt-response chat and i need to reference something that it used in the middle.

“Using your Xth response, could you do XYZ”. This often doesn’t work and GPT answers the wrong thing.

Instead, could each of the user’s prompts and GPTs responses be indexed with a visible number that could be used as a reference? And crucially, have GPT be trained to understand what those indices mean. It could make conversations more seamless and you can also reference specific elements from multiple prompts to get a super-curated response.

Also, maybe adding a “reply” feature could also be useful to make conversations less staggered especially when you want to go down a different branch of conversation you previously had.