Adding a Disclosure to My Custom GPT

I am not a coder but have built a Custom GPT using Builder. What is the best way to have a disclaimer/disclosure pop up the first time a user uses the Custom GPT? Is the best route to hire a coding expert for the project to ensure it is built correctly and then the acknowledgement is captured somewhere? TIA!

I’d suggest just adding “always start the conversation by presenting the user with the following disclosure… (Insert disclosure)” to the instructions.

What type of disclosure are we talking about?


Thank you for the reply N2U. It’s a pretty long one my legal counsel feels is necessary to make sure users know the answers provided may be inaccurate. When you say conversation, would that mean it appears in only the first answer given by the Custom GPT in a given log in discussion? TY

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ChatGPT already comes with a basic disclaimer about how the answer that tells users that the answers provided may be inaccurate :laughing:

Yes :+1:

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It worked for me. Thanks so much N2U.

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Always happy to help!

Have fun with the GPT development, and welcome to the community btw :laughing: