Add markdown support to input bar

In my opinion, the markdown editor is needed to communicate better with the ChatGPT. If the ChatGPT uses markdown, why not the user?


While the markdown user inputs aren’t rendered the same as the chat output, the markdown should still be communicated to ChatGPT as if it did.

I regularly input markdown in my chats with ChatGPT and haven’t noticed any issues.

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There is a very simple solution:
Three rear sticks and followed by the Language indicator, for example ‘’'TXT, ‘’'MD, ‘’‘JAVA
In the following lines what you want to write
and close with three rear sticks ‘’’
You ask him to answer in that language and he does, simple, right?


While I know that the markdown input is communicated to ChatGPT properly, I still want the input formatted as markdown instead of plain text so that I can comprehend what I’m prompting better. As it stands, it’s like I’m writing code in Notepad instead of an IDE. I don’t know if that’s what OP’s intentions were, but that’s what I want to see.

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