Add instructions to function calling

I would like to see the ability to add specific instructions for function calling. Currently I am adding instructions in as part of the description filed, but it doesn’t always work ( yes, sometimes it works )

The description is essentially prompt engineering. It appears before the definition of the property to be filled by AI.

You can be creative and have multi-line description of the function, and a long description of the first-level properties also.

It is also beneficial to have your function and its properties named so that the function could be correctly used by seeing those alone.

If you have a long description and your prompts would be significantly shorter without them I’d recommend to try finetuning.

Thanks for the response. however, it doesn’t seem to work well sometimes. asked it to “make sure to let the user know default values are excluded in the response”, and it wasn’t followed at all. Technically speaking I can ask openAI to pass the returned JSON payload back and I would perform an extra step to format the response, but was hoping that some instructions can resolve the issue for me.

I don’t understand what you mean by this, because it doesn’t match up to how I understand functions to be used.
When I make the model “call a function,” it doesn’t also “generate a complete chat response.” (Well, sometimes it does, but that’s not the main intent.)
When the model returns a function_call, I’m supposed to evaluate the results of the function, and provide that back to the model as another input in a future call to generation.
(Or just display the results of the function directly to the user.)

You are right, it’s actually 2 steps. Thanks for clarifying