Actions GPT Builder with Swagger Visualizer

Built a Custom GPT to make it a lot easier to iteratively work towards creating a swagger spec for GPT actions. Can start with an existing swagger spec or start from scratch.

The Actions you are working on are saved and then you can pick off where you left off in multiple sessions.

Where I have seen a lot of productivity gains from my own dogfooding is being able to patch updates into the API, which mitigates a lot of the hallucinations you typically see from working with large Swagger files.

Here is an example created with one of the sample prompts to have an API for Chat Completions as an example

Would love to have folks try it out and see if it helps them speed up creating custom GPTs with Actions. It is called Actions Builder GPT

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I’ve also been working on streamlining the process from going from either an OpenAPI doc, or swagger doc into a custom GPT schema.

That said, I’d be happy to try your tool out. However, I don’t see a link to anything in your original post?

Didn’t have the ability to add links when I created the post, but just added it in now. Would love to get your thoughts!