Accessibility of Custom GPT Models Created in GPT Builder for All Users

Dear OpenAI Development Team,

I am reaching out to discuss the accessibility of custom GPT models created using the GPT Builder, particularly in relation to the different tiers of users – Plus and free.

With the innovative possibilities that the GPT Builder offers, it seems crucial that the Custom Models in the Store are not exclusively available to Plus users only. The democratization of AI technology is key to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where developers from various backgrounds can contribute to and benefit from AI advancements.

I propose that free users should also be granted access to custom GPT models in the Store, akin to the 3.5 models. To maintain a fair usage policy and manage server loads, these models could be rate-limited for free users. For instance, a reasonable limitation could be set around 50 API calls every 3 hours. This would not only encourage wider participation and experimentation among a broader user base but also ensure a sustainable and equitable use of resources.

Such an approach could strike a balance between offering advanced AI capabilities to a wider audience and maintaining system integrity and resource management. It would be greatly appreciated if the team could consider this suggestion, as it aligns with the ethos of making AI more accessible and fostering a collaborative AI development community.


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