A tool to break down books into refrencable chunks?

I’m new to the whole AI thing. I was wondering if there is already a tool that does this. If there is I’d love a pointer to it.


Say I have a book complex book in pdf, like a course book on industrial instrumentation and control systems and I want it broken down into context related markdown files that are interlinked.

For instance there would be a chapter on steel tubing. That would give common alloys, sizes etc. Then have a link to the extract of “bending tubing” where it extracts that part. It would also include a link to “tubing used in transmitters” where the extract of how the common set ups are used.

As far as I understand it. I’ll still have to double check everything for contextual continuity but it seems like something that could be done with a LLM?

It’s been a minute since I’ve used it, but depending on the type of PDF you have (image vs e-born), you might have luck with using Calibre to convert the text into a more convenient format.