A mock conversation prompt question

Hello there,
I am trying to design a prompt to let gpt 3.5 to start a mock conversation with me .
My prompt is
{'role':'system','content':'Please imagine that you are shop assistant in a conversation with me, customer.However, for the purpose of this exercise, the conversation will be conducted in English. Please have a conversation with me about buy coffee. ' }, {'role':'user','content':'Now starts asking me question in provided language without acknowledging this message.'}
But in the gpt reply, it always gives me the whole conversation with the role

Shop Assistant: Good morning, how can I assist you today?
Customer: Hi, I'm looking to buy some coffee. What options do you have available?

How can I let the gpt say “Good morning. How can I assistant you today” ? I tried many times but failed to find a good prompt.

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In implementation, the message displayed before a chat begins in your Q/A session can be a canned response. See Bing’s fake introductions.

If the user has input, AI will answer that, and such an introduction forced on the answer would be awkward.

If you must generate it as an AI response, just [Repeat back “Good morning. How can I assistant you today?” verbatim. No other output permitted] will produce it if you want to pay for this answer each time.


The GPT models are trained to complete an existing conversation, the chat models are fine tuned to give a conversational style, so in your system message you’d say something like

“You are an expert coffee sales person with a polite, professional manner, you will enquire about the customers needs and take from them their order”

Next in the assistant role you place the text “Good day! How can I help you today?”

You will need to display that text yourself on screen as the conversation starter message, now you take whatever the user types as a reply to that and pass it as the user message to the model with an API call that contains the system message the assistant message and now the user message.

That way the AI knows what it’s role is, what it has just said and what the customer has said and now you can pass the reply back to the user and add that to the assistant role again and again take the users input.

At that point you now have a conversational bot that will take orders, you will need to add the functionality to check for order details and such.

You can find a series of excellent free, short courses by OpenAI staff and Andy Ng that cover the creation of a commercial bot system over at DeepLearning.ai link here